I was asked to produce the music for this video for the Zillertal Arena in collaboration with Soundkredenz.

Blank Manuskript released their latest recording „Himmelfahrt“ captured live at TEBES Audio Studio in Salzburg. In this session we combined the piece „Death“ by the swedish prog-band DICE with our EP „A Profound Path“. Click pic for more…

music for the screen

my entry for the scorerelief 2021 competition:

my entry for the Spitfire Audio Westworld scoring competition:

Bands & Projects

Sophisticated music, shows and costumes but a lot of fun playing and writing music with these guys for more than 10 years
Blank Manuskript is characterized by its sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive psychedelic
improvisations, thus rocking our everyday listening habits. Blank Manuskript creates music paired with mystical-vivid
lyrics to transfer its audience into flamboyant musical spheres that have a unique effect on the listeners.

Dates, music and videos:

Cage of Perception is my own project – featuring original compositions. It started as a duo with Peter Baxrainer in 2014,
one year later the first album „Feel like Home“ was released. After Peter had quit the Band in 2017, it became more of a
project for me.
I started to write music for an entire Band and begann to record the songs in early 2018. I invited various
musicians to take part in the recording process and finally in March 2020 the new album was released, named after it’s
oldest Track „The Magician’s Dance“.

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About me

I’m a musician and composer based in Salzburg, Austria.  I’m part of the art-rock-band „Blank Manuskript“ and running my own project „Cage of Perception“. I play several instruments, including the guitar, my voice and the saxophone, wich turned out to be my main instrument. In October 2020 I started studying advanced film scoring and production.

I’ve always been eagerly interested in music, which made me try and learn many different instruments. At some stages with assistance of a teacher but many times self-educated. I finally ended up studying saxophone at Anton Bruckner University in Linz, AT where I graduated in 2015.

I’ve been involved in many musical projects and bands, such as „Deep White“, „Howling Wuif Project“ or the „John Bruno Quartet“ and some cover-bands. Since 2018 I mainly focus on two original-music projects. „Blank Manuskript“ and „Cage of Perception“.